The Energy Institute at Haas brings together research and curricular programs on energy business, policy, and technology commercialization. The goal of EI@Haas is to bridge the gap between the frontiers of economic and scientific energy research and the marketplace.

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  • Is the Duck Sinking?

    April 24, 2017 by Catherine Wolfram

    This has been a spring of leaks. Most of you probably heard about the hole at the Oroville Dam. In my house, we’ve had leaks in both our skylight and our car. Yes, it’s great to be out of the drought, but like other Californians, we’re feeling a bit waterlogged. ... Read More


    Benefiting from Green Jobs

    April 17, 2017 by Andrew Campbell

    The renewable energy industry and its proponents regularly draw attention to the industry’s job creation potential. For example, the American Wind Energy Association reported that the US wind industry supported 88,000 jobs at the start of 2016, a 20% increase in one year. ... Read More

  • Renewables Dis-integration?

    April 10, 2017 by Meredith Fowlie (This post is co-authored with Duncan Callaway)

    Ahhhh Hawai’i, where the waves are big, the beaches are long, and the renewable energy ambitions are large: As you may have heard, Hawaii has set a goal of 100% renewable energy penetration by 2045. This is pushing the Aloha state to the bleeding edge of renewable energy integration. ... Read More


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