Energy Institute at Haas


Bill Shelander joins the C2M faculty in 2016 after serving as an advisor and mentor to the program since 2010. Bill brings hands-on proficiency at the earliest stages of emerging technologies and venture funding. He is also developing and teaching the Environmental Entrepreneurship and Innovation program at Stanford University’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering introducing methods and insights to conceive and implement economically viable enterprises enabling environmentally sustainable systems. He was a commercialization expert for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2010-2015) working with researchers in fundamental energy science to utilize discoveries in new business activities and helped create and obtain external funding for dozens of start ups involving diverse technologies (from industrial-scale microbiology and DNA diagnostics to thin film oxides and high performance supercomputers). In 2013, he served on a White House Office of Science & Technology Policy panel to improve technology transfer of basic research. Between 1986 and 2007, he was a managing director of venture capital funds from the U.S., Japan, Taiwan and China (IRR exceeding 65%, generating returns of over $600,000,000). He has served on the boards of NASDAQ-listed companies and helped early stage ventures develop business plans and obtain first round funding. As an entrepreneur, he is currently a co-founder of three start-ups involving molecular biology detection and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, powerful molecular biology techniques enhancing yields of agricultural crops, and natural microbial fermentation to capture waste biogas for conversion into biodegradable polymers. He holds an MBA from Stanford University, an MS Engineering from West Virginia College of Graduate Studies, and a BS Systems Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.