2013 C2M Projects


  • Sulfur and Sodium Metal Battery Researchers at LBL have developed a new sodium sulfur battery that operates at lower temperature thereby improving durability, safety, and driving down costs. Slides Video
  • Rugged Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Off-grid Use Point Source Power has developed a rugged solid oxide fuel cell that can generate low-cost power from unrefined fuels at the wellhead. Slides Video
  • Biofuels from Tobacco Unlike other biofuels that require fermentation to create fuel, FOLIUM bio-crude can be extracted from tobacco leaves and dropped directly into existing refinery hydrocracking facilities in place of petroleum crude. Slides Video
  • Plug-Through Energy Monitor Researchers at UCB have developed a technology that is much smaller, cheaper, and uses lower power than existing measurement devices. Slides Video
  • Solar Water Pumping and Pasteurization Researchers at LBL have combined proven technologies into a simple device that not only pumps but also simultaneously pasteurizes water using solar thermal energy. Slides Video
  • Acid and Heat Stable Enzymes CinderBio has produced a set of enzymes that excel in hot, acidic conditions that are unreachable with current enzymes. Slides Video
  • Insulating Windows Using Automated Shading Researchers at LBL have created a highly efficient window that uses a combination of multiple layers of glass and an automated smart shade that can be connected to a smart home automation system. Slides Video

  • Micro-Synchrophasors for Power Distribution Systems The big data from these sensors will power a suite of applications to enable a smart grid that is also safe and reliable. Slides Video


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    Feedback on C2M Benefits


    "I was thrilled to work with a team of students to explore the market opportunities for my research."

     - Christine Ho, Co-Founder Imprint Energy


    ""I view C2M as a highly valued partner in the shared mission of commercializing university technology.” 

    - Paul Wright, Director, Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute


    "C2M occupies a vital niche in the continuum from basic research to commercial products and services. Several startup companies have emerged from C2M activities, so you are an economic driver of the region as well.”

    - Carol Mimura, Assistant Vice Chancellor, IPIRA, UC Berkeley