Energy Institute

The Energy Institute at Haas fosters education through the blog, seminars, conferences, courses, and its working paper series, EI focuses on a variety of public policy issues in energy markets, including the impact of market design, market structure, and government regulation on production, consumption and the environment, and energy efficiency.

Courses Sponsored by Energy Institute

Energy and Environmental Markets

Drawing on the tools of economics and finance, students study the business and public policy issues confronting energy and environmental markets. The class examines the economic determinants of industry structure and evolution of competition among firms in these industries; investigates successful and unsuccessful strategies for entering new markets and competing in existing markets; and analyzes the rationale for and effects of public policies in energy markets.

Executive Education

The Energy Institute at Haas offers executive education courses that cover a variety of topics related to energy and environmental markets. The courses are designed for industry participants and regulators, and those interested in moving into the energy area. The classes are taught by UC professors and typically offered in the winter or spring. All classes are interactive and student participation is encouraged.

Cleantech to Market

Interdisciplinary teams of graduate students will work with scientists from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and across the UCB campus to commercialize new solar, biofuel, battery, and smart grid/energy management technologies. Final projects will be presented to professional audiences.

Alternative Energy Speaker Series

This course establishes a basic understanding of the traditional energy industries and explores developments in alternative energy technologies in response to global warming, energy dependence, and the geopolitical impact of hydrocarbon extraction. Guest speakers will give an overview of alternative energy fields, including: solar, ethanol, wind, smartgrids/distributed generation, wave, and storage-and discuss their company's business decisions, obstacles, and vision.

Project Development and Finance

Provides an in-depth look at the financial, legal, and regulatory issues associated with the development and financing of energy projects, with a particular focus on alternative energy projects.

The Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI) has developed a list of courses on energy and resources offered across UC Berkeley.