Cleantech to Market

Energy Institute at Haas

2012 C2M Projects

Field-Effect Doping

A new way to engineer solar cell architecture that holds promise for higher efficiency and reduced cost.  Slides | Video

Stirling Engine

An improved heat exchanger and lower costs open up applications in diesel augmentation and off-grid generation.  Slides | Video

Bisabolane Biofuel

A drop-in fuel with an extremely low freezing point, which makes it a suitable alternative for jet fuel.  Slides | Video

Organic Flash Cycle

New design allows more fluid energy to be converted into electricity by a mechanical heat engine. Slides | Video

Vibration Harvester

A new vibration energy harvester that has self-tuning capabilities, enabling a wider range of applications.   Slides | Video

Sunlight Storage

New design allows more fluid energy to be converted into electricity by a mechanical heat engine. Slides | Video

Lithium Sulfur Battery

New cathode with longer cycle life and higher capacity to help improve lithium sulfur batteries. Slides | Video

Metal-Organic Framework

Higher carbon capacity and lower costs open new applications in gas processing and carbon capture.  Slides | Video

Personal Comfort Systems

Individual heating and cooling systems keep people comfortable while enabling building-wide savings.  Slides | Video

Automated Building Management

Adaptive and predictive software to help commercial buildings cut their energy use.  Slides | Video

Duct Pressure Efficiency

Commercial building efficiency and rapid demand response using automated duct pressure optimization. Slides | Video


  • "I was thrilled to work with a team of students to explore the market opportunities for my research."
    - Christine Ho, Co-Founder Imprint Energy, PhD Material Sciences
  • "They did a superb job in terms of technology positioning, market analysis, and business proposition."
    - Jan Rabaey, Donald O. Pederson Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • "On every criteria – rigor, relevance, realism, grasp of the technical, policy, and business implications – this was nowhere near good, it was great. ARPA-E has high expectations. You've exceeded them and then some."
    - Josh Gould, Tech to Market Advisor, ARPA-E

  • "Top notch - great experience and really valuable market research for a startup like Greenblu. We plan to make full use of what you accomplished."
    - Howard Yuh, Founder, GreenBlu