Cleantech to Market

Energy Institute at Haas

2018 C2M Projects

Dauntless IO│Team Lead: Ethan Doyle

Ultra-fast, adaptive machine learning to help control chaotic and highly non-linear processes. Can help drive energy efficiency in processes such as combustion, wind, and nuclear fusion. Website

HelioBioSys│Team Lead: Jennifer Bailey

New ways to harvest cyanobacteria - which grow on air, seawater and sunlight - and process them into a variety of sustainable biomaterials including bioplastics and fossil fuel replacement chemicals. Website

Lucent Optics│Team Lead: Brad Crist

Daylight-harvesting materials that can redirect sunlight deep into buildings to enhance daylighting, energy efficiency, glare reduction, and building comfort. Website

Mosaic Materials│Team Lead: Eric Kang

Metal organic frameworks to lower the cost and environmental impact of gas separation technologies. Applicable to many energy-intensive industrial processes from submarines to power plants. Website

Opcondys│Team Lead: Rachel Green

Advanced power switching that uses light to exceed the capabilities of semiconductor switches. Can save up to 50% of energy wasted in applications such as renewable energy, grid-tied storage, and high voltage power equipment. Website

Treau│Team Lead: Cady Tsoukalis

Lightweight heat exchangers that can improve cooling and heating efficiency while reducing noise and emissions. Potential developed and developing world applications to combat predictions of skyrocketing carbon emissions associated with the global expansion of air conditioning. Website



  • "I was thrilled to work with a team of students to explore the market opportunities for my research."
    - Christine Ho, Co-Founder Imprint Energy, PhD Material Sciences
  • "Tremendous learning, amazing professors, incredible network. This class was one of the reasons I decided to go to Haas and it lived up to its expectations."
    - C2M Course Survey
  • "Top notch - great experience and really valuable market research for a startup like Greenblu. We plan to make full use of what you accomplished."
    - Howard Yuh, Founder, GreenBlu

  • "On every criteria – rigor, relevance, realism, grasp of the technical, policy, and business implications – this was nowhere near good, it was great. ARPA-E has high expectations. You've exceeded them and then some."
    - Josh Gould, Tech to Market Advisor, ARPA-E