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Cinderbio Flowwin

DOE's FLoW Cleantech Winners 2014
First Place: REEcycle (Texas) wins $100,000
Second Place: GrollTex (California) wins $40,000
Third Place: CinderBio (California) wins $20,000
Transformational Idea: MuTherm (Oregon) wins $5,000


The largest university clean energy challenge in the West

FLoW 2014 Winners

Winning Teams (L to R)

  • Grolltex (University of California San Diego): Breakthrough manufacture of thin-film graphene, the 21st century silicon.
  • MuTherm: (Oregon State University): Innovation for powering performance sensors boosts safety of nation's gas pipelines.
  • REEcycle: (University of Houston): Novel recycling process captures rare earth elements essential in manufacturing super-efficient wind turbines and electric motors.
  • CinderBio:(University of California, Berkeley): extreme industrial enzymes isolated from acidic volcanic waters opens up next generation biofuels.