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Energy Institute at Haas

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World Class Combination

C2M builds on the winning combination of UC Berkeley's top graduate programs, world-class labs in close proximity, and California's renowned innovation culture.

Entrepreneurs and Researchers

C2M has served over 100 entrepreneurs and researchers from UC Berkeley, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, JBEI, JCAP, JCESR, CITRIS, other labs, and multiple startups.  Benefits to Entrepreneurs and Researchers.

Graduate Students

If you want to contribute to a clean energy future - and dive deep into things like smart grid algorithms, storage economics, next generation solar, demand response platforms, and dc microgrids - consider applying for C2M.

Cleantech Professionals

Cleantech professionals can serve as mentors, guest speakers, key contacts, professional audiences, donors and more. Engage with top students, faculty, scientists, and each other while learning about new technologies.


  • "Tremendous learning, amazing professors, incredible network. This class was one of the reasons I decided to go to Haas and it lived up to its expectations."
    - C2M Course Survey 2014