Energy Institute at Haas

Power Conference

5th Annual POWER Conference on
Energy Research and Policy

March 17, 2000

Clark Kerr Campus
Joseph Wood Krutch Theatre
2601 Warring Street
University of California, Berkeley


Organized by the University of California Energy Institute's (UCEI) Center for the Study of Energy Markets (CSEM), the conference presents the work of leading researchers on some of the most challenging issues facing the electricity industry. This year, the papers directly address issues of climate change, cap-and-trade mechanism, tariff restructuring, energy efficiency, and electricity market design. Discussants of the work will include both researchers and practitioners.

The Agenda

8:00 - 9:00 --- Registration

    Continental Breakfast


9:00 - 9:15 --- Welcome

    Severin Borenstein, UC Berkeley, Co-Director of POWER


9:15 - 12:30

    “Capacity Products and ISO Markets” by Harry Singh and Jonathan Jacobs, PG&E Energy Services

    “Eliminating the Flaws in New England’s Reserve Markets” by Peter Cramton and Jeffrey Lien, University of Maryland


    Alvin Klevorick,Yale University
    Shmuel Oren,UC Berkeley



    “Price Convergence in California’s Deregulated Wholesale Electricity Markets” by Severin Borenstein, UC Berkeley, James Bushnell, U.C. Energy Institute, Christopher Knittel, Boston University, and Catherine Wolfram, Harvard University

    “Manipulation of Power Markets” by Craig Pirrong, Washington University, St. Louis


    Frank Wolak, Stanford University
    Ed Kahn, Analysis Group Inc.


12:30 - 1:45 --- Luncheon


1:45 - 5:00

    “Measuring Market Power in PJM: The Experience of Summer 1999” by Joseph E. Bowring, William T. Flynn, Robert E. Gramlich, Michael P. McLaughlin, David M. Picarelli, PJM, and Steven Stoft, UCEI

    “Determination of Horizontal Market Power Abuse in Wholesale Electricity Markets” by Seabron Adamson and Kevin Wellenius, Frontier Economics


    Carl Shapiro, UC Berkeley
    Severin Borenstein, UC Berkeley



    “Zonal Pricing and Demand-Side Bidding in the Norwegian Electricity Market” by Tor Arnt Johnsen, Statistics Norway, Shashi Kant Verma, McKinsey & Company, and Catherine Wolfram, Harvard University

    “Transmission Rights and Market Power on Electric Power Networks” by Paul Joskow, MIT, and Jean Tirole, IDEI, GREMAQ and MIT


    Jim Bushnell, UCEI
    William Hogan, Harvard University


5:00 - 6:00 --- Reception


We would like to thank our conference sponsors:






California Power Exchange



Electricity Oversight Board

Independent Energy Producers