Energy Institute


  • The E2e Project unites top researchers in economics, engineering, and other fields to close the energy efficiency gap using transparent and state-of-the-art analytical techniques. E2e’s mission is to solve one of the most perplexing energy puzzles of our time—the efficiency gap. Study after study has shown potential for huge savings and hefty cuts in carbon emissions from widespread adoption of energy efficient technologies. Yet these gains have failed to fully materialize.

  • Cleantech to Market (C2M) is a partnership between students, scientists, engineers, and professionals to translate low-carbon energy, green chemistry, and water research into market opportunities. In the process, C2M helps develop the next generation of innovative cleantech leaders.

  • Energy for Economic Growth (EEG) is a joint research program between UC Berkeley’s Center for Effective Global Action, the Energy Institute at Haas, and Oxford Policy Management, an international consulting firm in the UK. The program will explore how investments in large-scale energy systems—with a focus on energy supply, regulation, efficiency, and clean energy technology—contribute to poverty alleviation and economic growth for countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Visit the website/Sign up for updates

  • California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE), an innovative UC partnership of energy agencies, utilities, building industry, non-profits, and research entities designed to advance energy efficiency science and technology for the benefit of California and other energy consumers and the environment. CIEE is a branch of the University of California Energy Institute.

  • Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC), a student-led organization bringing together students and community members interested in all aspects of energy and resources. BERC's mission is to connect, educate and engage students in order to foster innovation and action.

  • University of California Center for Energy and Environmental Economics (UCE3) functions as a hub of research excellence at the intersection of energy and environmental economics within the UC system. It is a joint venture of the UC Energy Institute and the Bren School of Environmental Management at UC Santa Barbara.UCE3 brings together researchers - through both shorter collaborative research events and longer-term visits - to share their knowledge in the pursuit of more comprehensive approaches to some of today's most challenging energy and environmental issues

  • UCEI activities are now carried out under the Energy Institute at Haas, UCE3, and CIEE.